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Q — Do I have access to all the boats in the club or only to the one that I signed up on?

A — The boat that you sign up on is considered your “primary” boat. In addition to your “primary” boat, you have access to every boat in the club fleet that has a monthly cost equal to or less than the cost of your “primary” boat. You must be checked out and become an approved user on any of the other boats that you are interested in using..

Q — What happens at the end of my 1-Year membership?

A — All memberships expire on May 31st. You can simply walk away, renew your membership on the boat you were on or sign onto another boat that has space available.

Q — How many members will be using the same boat that I am using?

A — There are a maximum of 6 memberships sold on each boat. One individual can purchase multiple memberships on the same boat. Each Full Membership entitles the member to 60 days per year / 15 days per quarter of boating. Three premium memberships are available on each boat as well. Premium members are entitled to the same number of days but also enjoy unlimited spontaneous use that does not count against their days.

Q — Can I split my membership with someone else?

A — A single membership can be held by more than one individual. The membership is defined by the number of days not by the number of users. Each individual that will be operating the boat must be qualified by Waypoint and be listed in the membership agreement as an approved operator. For memberships being held by more than two individuals there will be an increase in the initiation fee to cover the additional cost of “checking out” additional operators.

Q — What expenses are not covered either by the Initiation Fee or the monthly Membership Fee?

A — Each member is responsible for replacing the fuel that they use and for paying any transient moorage that they may use during their trip. Members who require boat handling instruction prior to being approved for use will pay for that as an additional item. Being checked out on any boats other than your “primary” boat will involve an additional Initiation Fee of $250 per boat.

Q — Do I need to have boating experience in order to be a member?

A — Experienced boaters will be asked to take a written test and to demonstrate their boat handling skills. If you are new to boating or are not proficient in handling the type of boat that you are interested in using we are prepared to teach you. An on staff USCG Licensed Captain will provide you with the study guide that will prepare you for the written exam. After passing the written exam he will give you on the water instruction in the same boat or in a boat that is very similar to the one that you are interested in using. As soon as you are proficient you are ready to go.

Q — How do I schedule my use of the boats?

A — Each member is issued a User ID and Password that gives them access to the online booking calendar for their boat.

Q — Is there a minimum or maximum number of days that can be booked consecutively?

A — The minimum number of days would be one. The maximum number of days would be 15 and would require the calendar administrator to override the “weekend rule.”

Q — What are the rules about holiday use?

A — All recognized holidays are 3 or 4 day weekends. You can book one or all of the days in each holiday weekend but in the spirit of fairness each member is only allowed to have one holiday (or part of a holiday) reserved on the calendar at any one time.

Q — Are there rules about weekend use?

A — Weekend days are Saturdays and Sundays that are NOT holidays. Again, in the spirit of fairness, you can only have 3 weekend days on the calendar at any one time. These may include consecutive days (Sat & Sun) but cannot be on consecutive weekends.

Q — How far in advance can I book a reservation?

A — You can reserve use on your “primary” boat up to 90 days in advance. You can reserve use on any other boat in the fleet (that you are approved on) up to 14 days in advance.

Q — What happens if I book days in advance and then my plans change and I am unable to use the boat on that date?

A — If you cancel a reservation at least 30 days in advance the days go back onto your account. If you cancel less than 30 days in advance the days will be added back to your account if and when another member books those days.

Q — Where will the boats be located?

A — All boats are moored at our facility, on the water in Ballard. Some of them also can be picked up already loaded on a trailer if your intention is to boat in another area or state.

Q — Is the Waypoint Boating Club facility the only place that I can start my trip from?

A — No. Special arrangements can be made to pick up and drop off your boat at Shilshole Marina if time spent going through the locks is a concern. Also, with Boating Club approval a member can make an agreement with another member to trade places at a port other than our Ballard facility.

Q — Do I have to clean the boat up after every use?

A — No. Waypoint takes the responsibility of washing and cleaning the boat for the next member. You are responsible for bringing the boat back to the dock with all the equipment stowed in the manner that you picked it up in, delivering it full of fuel and water, clear of all perishables and personals and with the waste tank empty if the boat is equipped with one.

Q — When does the season start and end?

A — Boating in the Pacific Northwest is a year round event. Summer months are of course the busiest but winters are generally mild and there are wonderful opportunities all year long to get out on the water. Most of the boats in the fleet are equipped with full canvas enclosures and heat for those days or nights that are chilly.

Q — Do you offer daily boat rentals?

A — Boats that have 6 members are not available for use by other boaters. Boats that are new to the fleet and that do not have a full membership are available for daily rental.

Q — If I own a boat can I put it in your program and earn revenue?

A — All of the boats in our fleet are 100% controlled, maintained and repaired by us. We do consider working with privately owned boats that are late model and well cared for. If you are interested, please give us a call and we can elaborate on what we are looking for.