26′ Munson Packer

Ready for twin outboards or a single. We are a dealer for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Tohatsu. We can sell you the outboards and rig the boat.
Set it up as a fast response vessel.
EXCELLENT general purpose all aluminum sport or utility platform.

Year of hull manufacture approx 1984.

Originally built for oil spill recovery, this configuration is similar to a bowpicker/gillnetter or landing craft, but has a fixed bow… with 16’X8’6″ of forward interior load space.

The offset house is 6′ in length. While it is bare at this time, it should be adaptable for extended runs with a little ingenuity. The house is long enough for pipe berths.

The original guards were industrial grade Johnson-Duramax, but seeing age, were just replaced with 2″x3.5″ UHMW guards inside and out for uncompromising protection. (and see photos showing sandwich/clad bolting around both sides of the hull)

Fuel capacity is approximately 140 gallons in a deck-mounted tank on the side of the house.

Beam is 9′ 3″ following the application of the UHMW guards.

The hull was slag blasted then painted with 2-part epoxy paint both inside and outside gunwales.

Work to be completed before ready: There is a 4′ mast with 4 levels for radar, lights, navigation aids etc to be mounted (and will tilt over for clearance on the trailer).

Stern mounted tow post and line guides both bow and stern. There are also 2-4″ tubes at port and starboard at the rear deck able to accommodate crab davits or hoists. In fact, this boat has 4 lift eyes for a crane AND can include a forklift movable land cradle (available separately for $1,000)… as seen inside forward deck in photos.

The rearward engine guard (in photos) has been removed. Only the beam-width cross guard over the transom remains. There are 3 water-tight utility storage lockers over the transom.

The deck has 5 scuppers… 3 of them threaded 4″ and 2 at the stern at 1.5″. There is also a bilge sump in the rear deck.

Newly refurbished EZ-Loader trailer with zinc coating and brand new tires included. All wheel bearings replaced in last 1000 miles and there is a new LED waterproof lighting system. Both axles have electric brakes, but I have not tested their reliability as of yet, although they also are fully wired into the harness… Wash State Patrol inspection as of 3 months ago. 3 year conditional title available for $200 or else hand written bill of sale offered. Bill of sale only offered for boat as this was the only documentation I was provided when it was purchased by an international auction house.

The boat is tough and should safely navigate anything Puget Sound can dish up. .250 bottom and transom marine alum thickness.

Replacement cost hull alone is $80K.

Originally intended to be matched with twin 300hp E-tec’s, response time to events would be unmatched by combining the seaworthiness of this hull with an estimated 60mph performance from the 600hp power plants.

I also have a brand new state of the art Lowrance HDS 10″ high definition 24 mile radar and side-scan sonar w/GPS for an additional $5,000. This is NEMA 2000 compatible, and can be integrated with NEMA-compliant engines functions to monitor functions.

The outboard motor transom mount is adjusted for a single 30″ or twin 25″ outboard shafts.

NO MOTORS or additional equipment included for the $35K price… only the boat and trailer.